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Raison d’Etre

January 19, 2006
The Committee <<Japanesque Modern>>
Commerce and Information Policy Bureau,
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Launch of <<Japanesque Modern>>,
a joint public-private initiative to establish a “Japan” brand

With advancing globalization and its pressures to enhance international competitiveness, many in Japanese government and industry feel an urgent need to establish a distinctive brand for products and services originating in Japan to serve as a mark of excellence.

In this context, and in light of recommendations of the Neo-Japanesque (<<Japanesque Modern>>) Brand Promotion Council, a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry advisory panel, a Committee <<Japanesque Modern>> has been set up on the belief that enhancing the value of such a “Japan” brand-i.e., creating an integrated image encompassing Japan’s culture, technology, and sensibilities and their strengths and benefits-will serve to enhance the international competitiveness of products and content originating in Japan.

The Committee <<Japanesque Modern>> founding members envision a membership consisting of a broad range of industrial associations, enterprises from all industry sectors, and private individuals. The council’s role will be to propel an extensive program of activities, including management of the <<Japanesque Modern>> brand; provide assistance in the development of products and content, and actively distribute information to the rest of the world.

*The company names and personal titles used herein are those that were current at the time of posting.
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